Human Resources both private and corporate

We are available to help you with your private or corporate concerns or issues. We keep matters well planned and easy to follow with constant communication for your challenging times including:

  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Employee Relations
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Training and Development

Health and Safety both private and corporate

Health and Safety is usually perceived as an onerous task but we can ensure that you are compliant and leave your remaining priorities to you including:

  • Risk assessment and reduction
  • Training and NVQ Assessment
  • Guidance
  • Audits and Reviews


Paperwork is not everyone’s favourite job. We can help with these tedious jobs to allow you to concentrate on more interesting ventures:

  • Back office systems – accounts and payroll
  • Attendance and holiday records and monitors
  • Pensions administration
  • Recruitment systems and communication
  • Training and development

My employee is absent from work frequently or is absent on long term sick leave. I cannot plan my work effectively and meet my obligation to my customers!

My challenge: Promote positive employee work attendance and employee/manager communication to improve wellbeing attitudes and behaviours in the workplace.

• Review present employee absenteeism policy and propose improvements. Agree policy and employee communication format.
• Trained and coach managers in work related ill health issues, effective employee attendance management and records.
• Advised on actions to be implemented, communication and records process.

✓ Success criteria – Employee’s work attendance improves or long term absentees follow an agreed return to work plan.

Where do we start? Health and Safety risk assessments, rules and regulations, how can we make sure we are compliant?

My challenge: Ensure the club is Health and Safety compliant and has the appropriate risk assessments in place.

• Conducted an audit of current policies and procedures.
• Created risk assessments, presented and discussed risk reduction proposals and their implementation. Proposed amendments or drafted new policies.
• Planned the verbal and formal written communications with the club members.
• Annual risk assessments review.

✓ Success criteria – the club is Health and Safety Compliant and members are aware and understand the field sport risks.